When you get married it is not just you two becoming a family but you become family with spouses children and your in-laws become family with each other. With this in mind, why not include them from the start. This family style wedding is meant to unify the children and families of both the bride and groom.  Get everyone in the mix.  This ceremony includes: Your unifying and inspirational ceremony, vows and Family Unity Wine Ceremony. Bride and Groom provide supplies.  This custom ceremony lasts about 25 incredible minutes. 



Couples can get swept into the poetically passionate times of the great love laureate himself William Shakespeare. This new, whimsical take on the historically and theatrically significant wedding ceremony ritual is fun and unique.  This is a ceremony with a prevailing theme from the play "Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil".  This ceremony includes: Your inspiring and poetic Shakespearean ceremony and vows. Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom ceremony lasts about 20 passionate minutes. 



The Circle of Light and Love Ceremony is perfect for a small wedding at a home.  In this evening ceremony your guests will provide you with a circle of candlelight as you say I do.  This illuminating ceremony is meant to include everyone, allowing all of your guests to feel a connection to the love and light that the two of you share. This ceremony includes: Your warm and inviting ceremony, vows and Lighting of the Candles Ceremony. Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom ceremony lasts about 20 glowing minutes. 



This charming wedding ceremony is a revisiting of the Love Letter Ceremony or Wine Box Ceremony popularized by Larry James of the Wedding Chronicles Magazine. This ceremony includes: Your intimate and romantic ceremony and vows, the wine box set-up ceremony and closing as well as your pre-wedding consultation.  Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom wedding ceremony lasts about 25 amazing minutes. 



The Blessed Union Wedding is for couples from any and all religious faiths who really want to include God in their marriage. This contemporary version of a traditional wedding ceremony concludes with a Holy Communion Unity Ceremony to be shared by the new husband and wife.  This ceremony includes: Your sincere and spiritual ceremony, vows and your First Communion Unity Ceremony. This ceremony can be extended to include family members for an additional fee. This custom ceremony lasts about 25 awe-inspiring minutes.

All ALFL Ceremonies include:

  • ​A beautiful and thoughtful wedding ceremony written like a love letter and delivered with style and grace by Interfaith Minister Moore.

  • A complimentary wedding ceremony planning session where the bride and groom can work out the fine details of the wedding ceremony from start to finish with the guidance and experience of the wedding officiant.

  •  A personalized wedding ceremony fold.  You get to keep the actual wedding ceremony fold used for your wedding it includes: Your ceremony, vows and any special wording used during the delivery of your wedding.

  • A commemorative Marriage Certificate that all of your family and friends can sign as witnesses to you big day! 

A Love For Life Signature Ceremonies in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area

All ceremonies are also available as Vow Renewals and Committment Ceremonies

Wedding  Minister serving

Dallas and Fort Worth, TX



In the Holy Bible, God promised his people a promised land filled with milk and honey. In this ceremony symbolically the bride and groom are one another’s promised land.  All good things are found in the landscape of each person’s being.  This is a very guest inclusive ceremony that will undoubtedly raise the spirits of everyone. This ceremony includes: Your sacred and tender ceremony, vows and Milk and Honey Unity Ceremony. Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom ceremony lasts about 25 moving minutes.




 This is a richly ritualistic pagan-esque ceremony.  It’s great for non-religious couples who enjoy a spiritual connection with each other and nature.  It’s very dramatic and valiant. No one will forget this ceremony. This ceremony includes: Your mystical and magical ceremony, vows and Hand Fasting Ceremonies. Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom ceremony lasts about 20 mesmerizing minutes



If you have kids or are just kids at heart, this is the ultimate “kids friendly” ceremony with rhyming. Yes, there will be rhyming, lot and lots of rhyming.  From the Vows to the Readings there will be rhyming. There will also be light hearted laughter.  This is a fun and special way to say, “I Do”.  This ceremony includes: Your whimsical and wonderful ceremony and vows. This custom ceremony lasts about 15 -20 really fun minutes.



If all of the signs in nature have brought you to each other, you know it on a deep and spiritual level. The Soul Mates Ceremony brings together the Mind, Body & Spirit in an all-white, organic wedding at the break of Dawn symbolizing “a new beginning” or at Dusk symbolizing “balance”.  In the MBS Unity, the bride and groom choose a theme and each contribute symbolic items to a vessel representing their : minds, bodies and spirits. This ceremony includes: Your sacred and holistic ceremony, vows and your Mind, Body & Spirit Unity Ceremony. Bride and Groom provide supplies. This custom ceremony lasts about 20 celestial minutes. 



The Sweet Life ceremony is a family inclusive ceremony.  Each participating member of the family will contribute an aromatic flower of their choosing to the brides’ bouquet as a gesture of support in ensuring that the bride and groom will share a sweet life together. This ceremony includes: Your heartfelt and uplifting ceremony, vows and your Sweet Life Family Unity Ceremony. This custom ceremony lasts about 25 sensational minutes. 



With this tried and true A Love For Life signature ceremony service, you will engage your guests while enjoying a delightful and sincere wedding ceremony and the best part is,” there is no fuss”. This ceremony includes: your intimate and romantic pre-written ceremony vows and includes your complimentary pre-wedding consultation. This pre-written wedding ceremony lasts about 15 glorious minutes.

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